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Maple Bank  more ↓

Maple Bank was founded in Champlin, Minnesota in 2003 by a group of successful business leaders. They saw a need in the marketplace and worked together to create a unique community bank, staffed with exceptional bankers. "People serving People - with a plan to add value beyond traditional banking services. In 2014 the bank hired a new President and CEO with a plan to transform the organization to a more conventional community bank.

In early 2017, the Bank retained Elete's services to conduct a search for a Vice President of Operations and Information Technology.

In 2018 Maple Bank once again retained Elete to build out their sales, lending, accounting, and support team.

The Need

Maple Bank is a well capitalized community bank with a board of directors that is committed to further developing the bank for the purpose of serving their community as the cornerstone to the Champlin community. In continuing to advance their technology and cyber-security advantage, the bank had decided to hire an experienced Vice President with a history of building and implementing a financial institution's emerging technology policy and who had developed and maintained a business continuity plan. They sought an uncommon leader with a passion for educating and training their valued customers on the use of their full suite of remote and customer facing technologies.

The Quest

Elete met with the Bank's President, CEO and Senior Leadership team to define the Critical Position Criteria including the technical skills and experiences needed along with the soft, interpersonal skills to align with the bank's values and culture. Elete then began our search and canvas of the twin cities' financial institutions' senior technology talent pool. 

The Solution:

Within four weeks we surfaced, vetted and presented a slate of three qualified confidential candidates who had interest in meeting the Maple Bank team. Our client chose to meet all three candidates and 52 days from the start of our quest one of the three candidates accepted their offer of employment. 

Maple Bank's CEO and President has written a testimonial of his experience working with Elete during this search which can be found within our website's testimonial page.

The Bank again retained Elete in 2018 with an RPO alliance to build out the sales, lending, accounting, and support team.

Five Star Professional  more ↓

Five Star Professional is a Midwest-based National Marketing Products and Services provider which partners with the financial services, insurance, real estate and wealth management companies in an uncommon way. In early 2016 this emerging organization began an organized cultural transformation as means to fully leverage their extraordinary position and growth potential.

In mid 2016 Elete was approached and then retained as part of an RPO engagement to recruit and hire several new Sales Account Managers.

In mid 2017 Five Star Professional again retained Elete as an RPO partner to lead a build out of a new Client Success Team.

A Completely Different Sales Account Manager Profile

The company's new Sales and Marketing leader's charter was to transform the accountabilites of the sales team from a culture and primary focus of touching the highest number of prospective clients to a professional, consultative approach as means to establish themselves as the top sales team within their markets. The organization was also quickly developing a broader number of emerging digital products.

Internally the company set about to retrain and redevelop the current team while also evaluating their abilities to perform under the new guidelines. Elete was then chartered with recruiting and hiring four new team members.

Our Recruiting Strategy

Elete's research and sourcing of prospective candidates was centered on identifying the top sales professionals in the region who specialized within financial services, insurance, real estate, and wealth management. With a focus on entrepreneur-minded individuals who thrive within emerging organizations.

The Results

Elete was able to indentify more than eight hundred prospects who we contacted as means to spread the news regarding these exciting opportunities. We talked with hundreds and we met the top 20 candidates and fully vetted the top 12 which we presented to our client. Five Star Professional met and interviewed 11 of them and wanted to hire nine of them, and was able to secure and hire the four that were needed.

Five Star Professional again retained Elete in 2017 as an RPO partner and we were successful in building out a new Client Success Team.

Bye, Goff & Rohde  more ↓

Bye, Goff & Rohde's personal injury lawyers have been serving Upper Midwest residents in Wisconsin and Minnesota for over 40 years. Their experienced litigation attorneys and dedicated staff have one focus: "to relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf."

In mid 2016, Bye, Goff & Rohde retained Elete to conduct a search for a Marketing and Human Resource Manager. 

An Extraordinary Position

Elete's Senior Legal Search Consultant met with the Partners and Staff at Bye, Goff & Rohde (BGR) to review the organization's strategies, objectives, and their standings within their marketplace. Our Consultant had previously led multiple key searches for BGR. Together they decided on the Critical Position Criteria for this hybrid-type position and new hire. BGR had decided to advance their marketing expertise while also replacing skill sets as a result of a retirement.

The Mission

Elete's research and recruiting team set about to identify prospective candidates within a 30 mile radius of River Falls, WI - which included the St. Paul / Minneapolis marketplace. BGR had no particular timeline and was instead intent on finding the ideal new hire. Elete was able to identify more than 300 prospects and the recruiting/networking campaign began.


Elete interviewed, vetted, and pre-qualifed six candidates which we formally presented to our client. BGR placed these individuals into a lengthy, thorough interview process and within five months from the start of our engagement their top prospect accepted their offer of employment. 

Construction & Environmental Services

Ceres Environmental Services  more ↓
Ceres Environmental Services

Ceres Environmental Services was founded by their current President and Chief Executive Officer David McIntyre as a tree service company in 1976 during a severe beetle infestation. David identified the need to provide safe, cost-efficient removal of the affected trees while minimizing the impact to the environment. The company later emerged as an industry leader in developing innovative recycling techniques to create valuable mulches, composts, and soils from wood waste. In the 1980’s, the company diversified into the civil construction sector and in 1992 Ceres responded with their debris management solutions after Hurricane Andrew. What to follow was a highly heralded $1B contract as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Today this multinational company operates 36 entities within seven verticals which include disaster recovery, civil construction general contracting, real estate development, and light manufacturing.

In late 2014, Elete was retained to conduct a search for a Chief Financial Officer. The company’s opportunistic, worldwide growth plans produced a need for this new role.

In 2015, Ceres turned to Elete once more to conduct a Controller search.

In 2016 they again retained us to lead a search for a General Manager for a new business unit in New Zealand.

The Need for a Chief Financial Officer:

The company’s international expansion and evolving complexities had prompted a need for this new position. The entrepreneur environment and history had also contributed to the needs for financial leadership and effective accounting and controls systems and execution. Elete was retained to conduct this search and together with the Ceres leadership team established the Critical Position Criteria. 

The Regional Search:

Since construction and real estate development are the biggest verticals of Ceres’ business, our search was focused exclusively on identifying construction and real estate-specialized Chief Financial Officer candidates. Elete conducted the needed research as means to identify like-sized international companies and those within these companies who were prospective candidates. We also worked to spread the word within our pre-established industry contacts. In total, we reached out to more than 400 construction and real estate professionals.

Case Closed:

Our search and networking campaign yielded three different industry-specialized confidential candidates that we presented within 10 weeks from the start of our search. Elete had fully vetted, assessed, and rated each candidate versus each of the established Critical Position Criteria. Ceres chose to interview all three candidates and then elected to invite all three back for multiple rounds of interviews. This interview process took considerable time due to their international travel schedules. Elete was able to assist in keeping all three candidates interested and one of these three finalists accepted the company’s offer nearly six months following the start of the search.

Ceres Environmental provided a testimonial of their experience working wth Elete for this search which can be found within our website's testimonials page.

The organization then retained Elete again to conduct critical searches for a Controller and then a General Manager for a new start-up division in New Zealand, which we completed to our client's satisfaction.

Greystone Construction Company  more ↓
Greystone Construction Company

Since 1987, Greystone Construction Company has been providing construction services for their customers in Minnesota, the Midwest, and beyond. Fourteen states and counting, with the ability to deploy a crew wherever they are needed. Greystone employs skilled tradesmen that perform concrete work, masonry work, carpentry work, erection of metal buildings, installations of standing seam roofs and erections of metal and fabric structures. Greystone also contributes 15 cents of every hour they work to the Construction Education Foundation (CEF).

In late 2014, Elete was invited to propose our services due to Greystone’s need for a Chief Financial Officer.

The Situation:

The company’s long- tenured Chief Financial Officer announced that he had decided to follow a dream to start his own business. The owner and Chief Executive Officer described him as “hand-picked” and someone he had known for many years prior to his employment at Greystone. He was an established, valued, and trusted advisor. The departure of this Chief Financial Officer was leaving a substantial void at the company and their leader expressed a high level of urgency to fill this position.

The Process:

The bar had been set at the top and their leader made their expectations clear regarding the industry-specialized critical technical and soft skills required… and the urgency. The challenge of conducting the search quickly was accepted without hesitation by Elete. We set about to tell the Greystone story and quickly connected with more than 100 prospective direct recruiting prospects; along with spreading the word of the opportunity to more than 200 pre-established construction contacts. Within two weeks from the start of our search we presented two construction-specialized Chief Financial Officer candidates who we fully vetted and qualified; both were confidential candidates. We continued our search campaign while Greystone’s leader and his leadership team commenced to interview both candidates.

The Completed Project:

While Elete continued our search, the Greystone team struggled regarding which of the two candidates they liked the most. After Greystone’s first round of interviews, the company considered both candidates strong prospects and the candidates were both showing great interest in continuing to advance in the interview process. They invited both candidates back in for 2nd and 3rd rounds of interviews and one of the two became their finalist and accepted their offer less than two months from the start of the search.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Continental Hydraulics  more ↓
Continental Hydraulics

For more than 50 years Continental Hydraulics has been designing, manufacturing and distributing their well-recognized custom and standard industrial product brands for their customers worldwide. Their Minnesota-based manufacturing operations utilizes their distribution network throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Due to a planned retirement in early 2016, the company had a need for a Chief Financial Officer.

A Planned Retirement

Elete was selected to conduct a succession-based search for the company's retiring Chief Financial Officer. Our on-site diligence included obtaining information about the company’s history, current strategies, unique challenges, opportunities, and culture... while also assessing the company's ratings and standings within their international markets. 

The Customized Search Campaign

Together with their senior leadership team we created the Critical Position Criteria and expectations for this new Chief Financial Officer. We agreed on the search strategy and targeted industries that were likely to employ the best prospective candidates. Elete then set about to execute an area-wide search campaign. Our objective was to present a slate of 3-5 qualified, vetted and interested candidates. 

The Results

Five weeks into our search we presented a slate of four manufacturing-specialized confidential candidates. Our recruiting project had included contacting more than 350 individuals who were direct sourcing prospects and contacts. Continental Hydraulics elected to interview all four and invited three of them for multiple rounds of interviews. They were thrilled and concluded that all four were strong candidates who were very capable of meeting their expectations. One of the candidates accepted their offer less than three months after the start of our search.

*Note: Continental Hydraulics has written a testimonial of their experience with Elete which can be found on our Testimonials page.

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